Country Risk Update January 2016

January 2016

Welcome to the latest issue of D&B’s Country Risk Update.

In mid-December, the US Fed finally raised its target range for the short-term Federal Funds rate to 25-50bp, bringing an effective rate of 0.37%, in the first rise in almost a decade. Earlier in December, the ECB eased its monetary policy slightly, going deeper into negative interest rate territory.Nevertheless, the expansion in the ECB’s ‘QE’ asset purchase programme was modest, reflecting the absence of monetary doves such as France from the ECB governing council vote.

The appreciation of EUR:USD rate will be more modest, accordingly. However, the Fed will have to communicate with great clarity to prevent destabilising uncertainty in 2016: financial markets are pricing in two rate rises in 2016, against the Fed’s forward guidance, which envisages four rate rises.

Three challenges now face economies: higher US interest rates and a strong US dollar; deleveraging and restructuring in China; and the disruptive effect of low oil and metals prices. Countries such as Turkey and Malaysia, with relatively high US denominated-debt are still vulnerable to the first headwind. Not only China’s suppliers in Asia, but also South Africa, Brazil, Russia and Australia will see first- and second-order negative demand shocks persist into 2016, from China’s transition. Finally, among oil exporting countries, those with US dollar pegs such as Saudi Arabia, will be particularly exposed, as they will face simultaneous fiscal and balance of payments challenges.

This complimentary newsletter from D&B’s Country Insight Services group has been put together by their team of experts using the most up-to-date information to provide a snapshot of the latest macro market risk situation, and provides an excellent overview for those exposed to cross-border credit or investment risks.






Algeria: FX reserves fall substantially in 2014 amid weaker oil prices.
Cote d’Ivoire: D&B upgrades its country risk rating amid an improving growth outlook.



Iran: D&B upgrades its country risk rating following the framework nuclear agreement
Oman: Questions arise over the health of Sultan Qaboos.



Germany: The outlook improves amidst a plethora of encouraging news.
United Kingdom: The outcome of the May elections remains uncertain.



Czech Republic: Transparency law introduced in crackdown on corruption.
Georgia: Prospects improve amid strong domestic demand and better EU ties.



China: D&B downgrades its country risk rating as economic growth slows.
Indonesia: Imminent US policy rate hikes are a key risk factor.



Argentina: Citibank suspended from conducting capital market operations.
Peru: Data show a continued deceleration in growth. 

D&B Country Insight Services

D&B’s Country RiskLine reports above are written by a team of highly skilled analysts in D&B’s Country Insight Services team using exclusive data from its global network of reporting offices as well as primary and secondary data from national and international sources.

These snapshot reports provide a succinct assessment of the risk of doing business in a country, given its economic, political and commercial situation.

Updated monthly, the data and analysis are presented in a standard format  which helps you monitor and evaluate the business trading conditions in a foreign country and facilitates the management of ongoing business risk around the globe.

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Cote d’Ivoire

Dun & Bradstreet upgrades Cote d’Ivoire’s country risk rating as the economy’s rapid growth looks set to continue. Report


Minor corruption allegations have dogged the political class. Report


Imminent US policy rate hikes are a key risk factor. Report

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