Country Risk Update October 2014

October 2014

Global Economic Outlook: US fails to set the trend

The global economic recovery from the 2008-09 recessions remains patchy and is yet to become fully embedded. The US economy, although still growing below long-term trend, remains the brightest spot among the OECD economies.

A number of emerging economies have also kept growing rapidly, even if they are typically small and unable to influence the major economies: they include Malaysia, the Philippines and Panama, which each posted real GDP growth of 6.0%-plus, year-on-year, in Q2, as did Ireland.

Other factors which support global growth over the short term are falling energy prices, and in Europe, the fact that the gender wage gap is closing, political pressure is growing for a fiscal boost, and the weak euro, will help to boost the export sector.

This complimentary newsletter from D&B’s Country Insight Services group has been put together by their team of experts using the most up-to-date information to provide a snapshot of the latest macro market risk situation, and provides an excellent overview for those exposed to cross-border credit or investment risks.



Tunisia: The outlook is still a source of concern due to domestic problems and regional instability.
Nigeria: The outlook is precarious as business impediments could emerge and terror activity strengthens.



Qatar: Political risk remains a concern as foreign policy creates friction.
Saudi Arabia: Private sector activity grows robustly despite labour market reforms.



Italy: Economic indicators suggest the recession is continuing and output is weak.
Netherlands: Insolvency risk continues its downward trend.



Estonia: Domestic demand holds up amid inclement external trade conditions.
Turkmenistan: Buoyant activity in the lucrative natural gas sector powers rapid overall growth.



Philippines: Private consumption and exports spur growth.
India: Negative shocks mean that the economy only tentatively emerges from a period of weak growth.



Peru: Monetary policy is loosened to boost the weak economic recovery.
Mexico: Inflationary pressures persist as growth surprises on the upside.

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