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Country Risk Update May 2018

Honduras: Economic growth will remain moderate. Report

Hong Kong (S.A.R.): The Monetary Authority intervenes to support the HKD’s peg. Report

Netherlands: A dividends tax cut has been driven by fears of corporations leaving for the UK. Report

Country Risk Update April 2018

Peru: Martin Vizcarra’s presidency could help restore some much-needed stability. Report

Sri Lanka: Violent attacks prompt an island-wide state of emergency. Report

United Kingdom: Dun & Bradstreet upgrades its rating outlook for the UK from 'deteriorating' to 'stable'. Report

Country Risk Update March 2018

Australia: Foreign investment is likely to fall amid greater restrictions and scrutiny. Report

Chile: Police and security reforms will be President Pinera’s first priority. Report

Ireland: Data for 2017 hints at the strongest economic growth in fourteen years. Report

Country Risk Update February 2018

Brazil: Pension reform remains elusive. Report

France: The credit environment outlook improves as business failures decrease. Report

India: A populist budget aimed at rural voters could pose inflationary risks. Report

Country Risk Update January 2018

Argentina: The government's structural reforms receive a boost. Report

Belgium: The EU-Japan free-trade deal could increase opportunities for Belgium. Report

Indonesia: Near-term economic prospects look favourable. Report

Country Risk Update December 2017

Peru: New evidence in the Odebrecht scandal puts more strain on political stability. Report

Sweden: Low inflation sends the krona tumbling. Report

Yemen: The killing of ex-President Saleh is unlikely to bring peace any closer. Report

Country Risk Update November 2017

Costa Rica: Advances in technology and telecommunications raise Costa Rica’s global competitiveness. Report

United Kingdom: An interest rate rise creates more headwinds for the economy. Report

Vietnam: Economic growth rebounds in Q3. Report

Country Risk Update October 2017

Germany: Dun & Bradstreet downgrades its rating outlook for Germany as the election outcome increases the political risk. Report

Saudi Arabia: The King’s crack-down on internal dissent suggests rising political tensions. Report

Trinidad & Tobago: Two new gas finds will help boost energy output. Report

Country Risk Update September 2017

Peru: The government declares a state of emergency as labour unrest escalates. Report

Switzerland: Full order books in manufacturing and services indicate a strong end to the year. Report

Thailand: Economic performance continues to improve at a modest pace. Report

Country Risk Update August 2017

Greece: The economy is likely to have expanded further in Q2 but downside risks remain. Report

Japan: Japan signs a major free-trade agreement with the EU. Report

Mexico: The central bank tightens monetary policy as robust inflation persists. Report

Country Risk Update June 2017

Australia: The 2017 Budget marks a shift as the government seeks new revenue in lieu of cuts. Report

Belgium: The pace of growth in bankruptcies has peaked, and we expect a slowing trend in 2017. Report

Brazil: The president’s legal woes continue amid new accusations. Report

Country Risk Update May 2017

Argentina: Unions lead a 24-hour strike as wage talks with the government break down. Report

France: Dun & Bradstreet upgrades France’s country risk rating as Emmanuel Macron is elected president. Report

Iran: The presidential election in May will be fought by six candidates, with a reformist expected to win. Report

Country Risk Update April 2017

Germany: Dun & Bradstreet upgrades its rating outlook for Germany due to growing optimism, both economically and politically. Report

USA: The Republican Party’s majority does not guarantee smooth policy passage. Report

Vietnam: Officials show concern over exports‘ heavy dependence on foreign direct investment. Report

Country Risk Update March 2017

Chile: Growth forecast is hit by an ongoing strike at the world’s largest copper mine. Report

Indonesia: A damaging dispute in the mining sector disrupts copper output. Report

Iran: The IMF commends the authorities on the improved macroeconomic position. Report

Country Risk Update February 2017

Canada: Canada looks to shift its focus as international trade deals start to unravel. Report

France: Political risk is elevated ahead of the upcoming elections, but the economy holds up well. Report

Philippines: Strong domestic consumption and investment drives world-leading growth in 2016. Report

Country Risk Update January 2017

India: Dun & Bradstreet downgrades its rating outlook for India due to the demonetisation shock. Report

Mexico: Economic activity accelerates in the third quarter but the near-term outlook remains subdued. Report

Russia: Russia remains in recession but the pace of contraction continues to moderate. Report